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The Chi of Tao
Lead-in Longevity Exercises Chapters III and IV

This book is the continuation of the book Longevity Exercise Over Rwo Shur Massage Board, which delves into more body and breathing exercises but with more emphasis on the relationship between the human body and nature (i.e. the universe). It introduces some elements of meditational exercises, which train you to appreciate the Qi of the universe (i.e. the Qi in our surrounding environment) and its effect on your body Qi.

It is equally important for you to bnot only build and nurture your body Qi, but also to appreciate and harmonise with the Qi surrounding you, which in fact, is very closely linked to our internal Qi and thus your physical and spiritual health. It brings you close to nature and to live in harmony with nature, i.e. the Tao way of living.

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