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We offer many products to complement our services and available for purchase. Below are the tools that are used to massage the feet.

Massage Stick / Josef Bar
The Massage Stick / Josef Bar is used as a tool to perform the foot reflexology massage. It helps to provide some relief for the hand. 
Magic Bar
Emits Infra-red rays. Using the bar, gently go over the aching area 30 to 50 times will take away the aches. Easy and handy to use especially for the old folks.
Massage Cream - Fuss Balsam
The Fuss Balsam Massage Cream is a special 'lubricant' that aims to reduce friction on the feet while the bar or hand is being used. 
Foot Bathing Oil
For bathing of the feet to improve blood circulation and have sound good sleep.

Longevity Exercise | Massage | Books | Top
For the longevity exercise, the massage board is utilised along with specially composed music.

Massage board
For longevity exercise & foot massage
Musical tapes
For lead-in longevity exercise
Chi of Tao tape & book
Instructions on longevity exercise


Books | Massage | Longevity Exercise  
Rwo Shur Health Method - A Self Study Book on Foot Reflexology
A book designed for those who want to learn foot reflexology independently.
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Longevity Tao of Foot
A very practical book for beginner and is often used as a text book in class
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Longevity Exercise Over Rwo Shur Massage Board
20 active exercises plus 5 passive exercises based on the theory of Foot Reflexology and ancient Tao exercise.
Father Josef's Foot Reflexology
Foot reflexology was brought into the limelight in Asia by Father Josef more than 20 years ago. This is the first book written in English about his experiences and his unique foot reflexology method, which he initiated, researched and advocates, based on western and eastern cultural perceptions.

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